Projects I Have Worked On


Global Game Jam 2023 Submission - C:\ATASTROPHE is a hectic, fast-paced action/bullet hell game where you play as a virtual pet cat wreaking havoc on an unattended computer. Get to the root directory to save your owner's computer from certain self-destruction!

For this project I was the sole Audio Designer.

-Worked in Ableton, and Unity 

-Unity Audio


Re:Fresh is an open world 3D platformer, where you play as a robot that is helping to repair your town after a storm destroyed it.

For this project I was the sole Audio Designer.

-Worked in Wwise, Ableton, Logic, Reaper and Unity 

-Recorded and worked to create a custom dialogue system

A process video breakdown of the project can be found here

A Miro Board documenting this project can be found here

Blind Spot

Submission for TX Game Jam 2022, Blind Spot is a fun driving game where you must dodge obstacles on the road, all while driving in reverse! 

For this game I was sole Audio Desginer

-Worked with Voice Actress to record dialogue

-Unity Audio

Walk The Odyssey

Walk The Odyssey is a mobile game where players must walk through and fight with monsters from the Odyssey

This project was a 2 week turnaround prototype. I was the Audio Designer as well as UI/UX Designer

-Unity Audio


Usurpent is a first person action/arcade game where you must kill the sea serpent as quick as possible! 

For this project I was the sole Audio Designer

-First project to work in Wwise


Osteology is an educational VR game that is available in both English and Spanish! It teaches players about bone anatomy with locations on the body and interesting facts about their bones. 

This project was a 2 week turnaround prototype in a team of 3 people. I was the Audio Designer, UI/UX, and Level Designer

-Unity Audio

 About Me 

My name is Will, and I'm currently an undergraduate student at the University of Texas at Austin. I have a background in working audio for live productions, but I'm working on taking my existing skillsets and applying them to video game production. I'm very passionate about game development, and focus on audio design, production, and implementation. Along with audio design, I have experience working as a producer on projects, as well as UI/UX design and implementation.

I've worked with a wide variety of different systems to bring immersive audio design to life and make an unforgettable experience for listeners. Audio is something that can make or break an experience for the audience, and I try my best to make experiences the best they possibly can be by bringing them to life through the sounds that they hear.